The Facts

The number of women in prison has grown by over 800% in the past three decades.

Not only does Louisiana have the highest incarceration rate of anywhere in the world, but it also has the third highest incarceration rate of female imprisonment in the nation.

Granting clemency to battered women will not only reduce the number of women imprisoned, it will be doing what is right.

The 2009 Louisiana Women’s Policy and Research Commission Reported on some disturbing facts about the welfare of women in Louisiana.  Louisiana ranked the highest amongst all of the states for femicide by male killers.  Even more disturbing, 67% of the victims were wives or intimately acquainted with their killers.  Further more, in 2009, there were only 10,151 protective orders issued for domestic violence cases; this number pales in comparison to the number of women suffering from abuse.

To read more information please visit:

Click to access 2009_OWPAnnualReport.pdf

 It’s time to become informed, band together, and take action!

Not sure what to say?

Use our sample letter to Email the Governor, Bobby Jindal, and inform him that battered women in Louisiana’s prisons deserve clemency now!

Dear Governor Jindal,

I am writing today to urge you to grant clemency to those women currently imprisoned in the state of Louisiana for killing their abusive partners.  These women are being incarcerated for a crime that simply does not fit the punishment.  After suffering years of physical and mental abuse, these women were forced to take action for fear of their lives and in many cases the lives of their children.

Women incarcerated for killing their batterers should be granted leniency since their actions were in self-defense.  These women did not receive the help they needed from the Louisiana justice system while they were facing domestic abuse from their partners, and now that same justice system has locked them up, in many cases without any hope of ever being released.

Our state not only has the highest incarceration rate of anywhere in the world, but it also has the third highest incarceration rate for women of any state in the nation.  The overflowing prisons in Louisiana are currently costing the state over $700,000,000.

By granting clemency to the women in the state’s prison system who are victims of spousal abuse would not only help Louisiana shed the title of prison capitol, but it would be righting a severe injustice.  I hope that you will do what is right for the citizens of your state.


(Your name here)

Check out this Video:

To gain insight on the life of a woman forced to protect her family in defense of her batterer.

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